Sports Nutrition

Energizing the Future of Sports Nutrition

Sports-nutrition consumers have different goals in mind for their active pursuits, and while the most competitive of consumers may be drawn to any source of energy—real or perceived—at any risk or cost, others are looking for safer, more sustainable products to increase fuel for work and play. Download INSIDERs Digital Issue "Energizing the Future of Sports Nutrition" for a closer look at ingredient research, market trends, regulatory tips, and more, all designed to help you create and market successful products geared toward sports-nutrition consumers. Takeaways include: *Energy is made in the body from the breaking of phosphate bonds on the compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP). *Of all of the minerals, magnesium plays the greatest overall role in the energy systems *Sports-nutrition brands need to test their ingredients and products for potency, purity and identity to ensure safe, legal products.

Table of Contents

  • Viewpoint: Energy Xs and Os: Game Planning in a New Era
  • The Mechanics of Energy for Sports Nutrition
  • New Frontiers in Sports-Nutrition Energy
  • Sports Nutrition: Energy Bioactives
  • Minerals: Key Factors to Strength and Energy in Sports-Nutrition
  • No Excuses: The Case for Clean Sports-Nutrition Energy Products


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