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Women’s History Month: Heather Fairman builds quality supplements, relationships

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Tammy Blakemore from SORA Labs celebrates Heather Fairman, CEO, DF Guardian Consulting Inc., for her love of people, and her dedication to lifting the supplement industry’s safety and compliance.

Editor’s note: To celebrate Women’s History Month, Natural Products Insider is serving as a platform for women in the natural products industry to honor other women. In this series of articles, we asked several leading women in the industry to choose anyone else in the industry to celebrate. Want to recognize a woman in this way? Contact Sandy Almendarez to get published in Natural Products Insider, or write a shoutout with the hashtag #WomenInNaturals on your social media of choice.

Heather Fairman

Heather Fairman, CEO, DF Guardian Consulting Inc., is known throughout the supplement industry for her consulting on navigating FDA matters, expertise with guiding manufacturers in their cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliance, establishing foreign supplier verification program (FSVP) processes, and leadership in regulatory and quality. I was first introduced to Heather through her quality role in a manufacturing facility, and finally got to meet her in person at a SupplySide West event where she was speaking. At that time, she had started DF Guardian Consulting, where she could assist companies with improving quality practices. Her confidence was evident as she explained to industry leaders how to avoid FDA warning letters and had a clear message to “start today” in preparing for the inevitable FDA audit. Since then, we have attended other trade shows, and I have gotten to witness her in action.

Heather is trusted by industry leaders because she connects with people and genuinely makes a difference in the lives of employees and businesses. By sharing the wisdom and knowledge she has gained over the years, Heather has a great deal of influence on the investments CEOs make in their quality management systems. The C-level executives respect Heather’s expertise and wise counsel because she leads confidently and stays committed. It is natural for me to gravitate to a like-minded woman and a strong leader like Heather. Over the past several years, our friendship has blossomed, and I am honored to know and learn from her.

Heather has the God-given gift of encouragement. When I get to talk with her, it is like a breath of fresh air. Her positive attitude and uplifting spirit are contagious. You leave feeling brighter with a new spring in your step. She gives leadership advice and mentors people like no one I have ever met. She gives support, praise and inspiring words and truly wants others to be successful. You can see that her heart is overflowing with love, and she will pour into you, so you can succeed. She is more than a mentor to me; she is a true friend. She holds a special place in my heart, and I am forever grateful for her support in my life.

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Tammy Blakemore is general manager at SORA Labs, a third-party dietary supplement testing lab that specializes in enzyme activity testing and probiotic enumeration.


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