June 14, 2024

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SCSS - June 2024

4 talking points at Circularity on the path forward for packaging - article

The product, packaging and waste diversion experts who attended Circularity 24 are plugged in to circular economy action. But what will it take to actually scale changes and move beyond current single-use packaging norms? Learn some of the actionable strategy areas and themes that came up across numerous sessions spanning circular packaging and policy topics. Read more here.

California works to define regenerative agriculture - article

As interest in regenerative agriculture grows, so does the need for a common understanding of what it means. To that end, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is working to define regenerative agriculture for state policies and programs. A recommendation is expected to be delivered to the state board by late summer or early fall 2024. Read more here.

Brand watch: Patagonia pioneers new grassroots approach to corporate giving - article

“It’s the thought that counts.” So runs the old adage about giving. Only not so with corporate philanthropy, it seems. All too often, brands are prone to point the spotlight on themselves as the generous donor, with the grant recipient appearing almost as an afterthought. Which is why Patagonia’s current campaign in support of Puelo Patagonia, a Chilean environmental charity, is potentially so interesting. Rather than corporate donors, it’s the local NGO that is calling the shots. Read more here.

Microphyt receives Non-GMO Project Verification for BrainPhyt™, its innovative microalgae-based ingredient for brain health and cognition - press release

Microphyt, a global leader in the discovery and development of natural, bioactive ingredients derived from microalgae, announced that its flagship product, BrainPhyt™, has been certified GMO-free by the Non-GMO Project. This recognition follows a rigorous certification process, highlighting Microphyt's ongoing commitment to sustainability, food safety and scientific innovation. BrainPhyt™ is a patented natural ingredient sourced from the microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum and standardized at 2% of fucoxanthin, designed to maintain and enhance cognitive functions throughout life. Read more here.

Food companies tackling Scope 3 emissions despite weak SEC rule - article

A climate rule from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced earlier this year could enable food and beverage manufacturers to move closer to their environmental goals despite initial industry concerns. The rule exempted companies from reporting indirect “Scope 3” emissions — those that are not produced by the company itself. While environmental groups are concerned the SEC’s rule has left gaps that could result in food companies overlooking Scope 3 emissions, industry stakeholders say many firms with sustainability goals are leaning heavily into reporting their emissions and the rule won’t halt their progress. Read more here.

3D-printed fish offers puzzles and promises - article

Some ambitious startups claim they’re ready to print convincing seafood analogues by the ton, which could help meet the world’s immense appetite for seafood — and need for protein sources. Companies are using 3D printing to create plant-based fish that mimics the texture, flavor and even nutrition of fish. Most 3D-printed fish is plant-based, but one company claims it can customize a blend of plant-based and cultivated fish. Read more here.

The food/climate conundrum - article

The global food system is responsible for as much as one-third of the carbon dioxide emissions that drive climate change. Food production is, in turn, threatened by storms, droughts, floods and wildfires, whose intensity and frequency are increasing with a changing climate. What can be done to reduce emissions from the food sector? Can the planet feed a growing human population in an altered climate? Against this backdrop, the Harvard Radcliffe Institute launched its annual science symposium, focused on “Feeding the Future: Food Sustainability and Climate Change.” Read more here.

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