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Supplement industry news and updates – August 2021

Supplement industry news and updates – August 2021
Inside the Bottle brings you the latest supplement industry news in this bi-monthly roundup.

Is a growing commitment to science-backed ingredients the answer to building greater trust across the natural products industry? – video

NuSkin's Steve Wood talks with PLT Health Solutions' Jeremy Appleton about how science-backed ingredients and the commitment to transparent consumer messaging establishes trust within the natural products and supplement marketplace. Read more at New Hope Network.

Gen Z is turning to sleep supplements, according to a new survey  – Nutrition Business Journal article

Gen Z is reporting issues with sleeplessness and anxiety a lot more than Gen X and Baby Boomers, which is why sleep supplements are becoming a pointed area of focus for this demographic. Learn more in this article. Also, find more in-depth business analysis like this in Nutrition Business Journal. Read more at New Hope Network.

A new focus on mitochondrial health - article

The mitochondria is one of the most essential structures in the human body, providing power to our cells that provide energy and enables an array of essential metabolic processes. But as we age, the mitochondria in our cells produce energy less efficiently. Learn about RegenerLife from Natural Factors, a tasty drink that helps boost energy production of the mitochondria in our cells. Read more at Natural Factors.

Consumers are turning to mushrooms for their health-boosting properties – article

It is becoming clear that the market is turning its attention to the power of mushrooms, with sales of mushroom supplements rising 56% year over year on Amazon. Learn about this growing market opportunity in this article from Clear Cut Analytics. Read more at ClearCut Analytics.

Higher quality, higher standards from hemp and CBD – video

Watch this episode of Spark Change’s Soapbox Series as host Andrea Donsky of NaturallySavvy talks with Eric Martin of Uleva about the power of full-spectrum hemp extracts and how they are pushing the quality bar higher when it comes to hemp and CBD ingredients. Read more at New Hope Network.