Healthy INSIDER Podcast: Supporting Businesses That Are a Force for Good

Brands and retailers can make active choices to support not only good business practices but have a positive impact on their own communities.

Across the natural products industry, brands are taking steps to be more sustainable and support their communities. Retailers and consumers are taking steps to request more from their product suppliers, raising the bar for “doing good” with business. Heather Granato, vice president of content, stopped off in New York recently to speak with Pierce Sioussat, president and CEO of Bioforce USA, about the role that natural products retailers play in maintaining the industry’s core values, which resonate with a growing number of shoppers. Sioussat discussed issues including B Corp certification, business as a force for good and the steps companies can take to make their own businesses more sustainable.

Key points of this podcast include:

  • Understanding a company’s responsibilities beyond just operating profit into sustainability, community support and consumer health.
  • How companies can truly make their business into a force for good.
  • The role of retailers as gatekeepers to support companies with top business practices that are transformative for the broader industry.

Links and Resources:

  • Food Insider Journal explored issues around corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how consumers are increasingly viewing companies that keep sustainability top of mind have greater resonance with shoppers.
  • Sustainability’ is not just an exception in the supply chain—it’s the rule. INSIDER took a look at the economical, ecological, ethical and social aspects of this concept and how they can be applied to companies across the supply chain.


TAGS: Operations
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