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COVID-19: Ongoing health concerns drive consumers to anti-inflammatory supplements

Ongoing health concerns drive consumers to anti-inflammatory supplements.jpg
More consumers are seeking natural products to help manage inflammation relative to the COVID-19 pandemic and rising autoimmune, heart, skin and other health concerns.

Consumer interest in managing inflammation is high, and they see natural products including food and dietary supplements as a big part of the solution. According to the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), 30% of U.S. consumers identified as very interested in a dietary supplement to manage inflammation in 2017, compared to only 19% in 2009.

Inflammation can manifest as acute response to rigorous exercise (muscles and joints) and other activities (eye strain from extended gaming or reading), as well as from a range of infections and injuries. However, chronic inflammation can result from aging, poor diet, obesity and autoimmune pathologies.

Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the immune system, and an inflammatory “cytokine storm” has been widely reported as a factor in the progression of COVID-19 health problems in many patients—cytokines are signaling proteins that mediate inflammation response, with some cytokines being pro-inflammatory and others being anti-inflammatory.

“In 2020 and beyond, immune health is something that is a serious concern for consumers as they question their vulnerability to disease and illness in a pandemic environment,” reported consumer research experts FMCG Gurus.

The firm’s 2019 immunity survey, conducted across 26 countries, showed just more than half of consumers (54%) said they are satisfied with their immunity, but many of these consumers have become concerned due to COVID-19.

“As a result of this, consumers are looking to make fundamental changes to their diets and lifestyles in order to reduce their risk of vulnerability to disease and illness,” the firm reported. “Whilst in the immediate term priority will be given to reducing the risk of suffering from immediate health problems related to coronavirus, in the long-term consumers will want to address wider, immunity-related health care problems.”

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