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Nutraceutical packaging trends

Key players in both the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries are focused on advanced packaging techniques for nutraceuticals.

A younger generation of consumers is increasingly conscious about cognitive health, weight management, and overall health and wellbeing. This plays a crucial role in overall demand growth for nutraceuticals and functional foods. In parallel is a steady rise in demand for innovative packaging of these foods among the younger population.

Strong demand for herbal products, isolated nutrients and functional foods like cereals, soups and beverages is the primary driver for the packaging manufacturers dealing with nutraceutical packaging. All these products require careful handling for increased shelf life and damage-free delivery, which are major drivers in this market. Here are four major trends observed in nutraceutical packaging:

1. Countering counterfeiting

2. Safety is everything

3. Interest in environmental responsibility

4. Adapting to evolving consumer demands

Mounting demand for non-toxic, antimicrobial and cost-effective products is expected to create positive prospects for manufacturers in the global nutraceuticals packaging market. Key market players are focused on optimization of packaging materials and designs to cater to the changing consumer requirement for convenience in terms of dispensing, dosage and storage. To sustain market competition, companies are focused on creating unique packaging, shapes and materials to distinguish their products on the shelf. Sustainability efforts from governments and manufacturers are further anticipated to propel the growth opportunities in the near future.

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Poorva Chaudhari, team lead, Grand View Research Inc., has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Nagpur University, India, and a master’s of business administration in operations management from the University of Pune, India, along with four years’ experience in market research and consulting.

This article was originally published in Packaging Digest on June 28, 2018.

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