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Trends in Supplement Ingredient Dosage, Delivery

Article-Trends in Supplement Ingredient Dosage, Delivery

<p>The emerging &#8220;Consumer 2.0" is looking for convenience and flexibility in their nutrition, but they also want advice, so supplement brands have an opportunity to promote innovative supplement delivery forms on social media.</p>

Retail shelves, both physical and virtual, are changing. What has historically been a stronghold for tablets, capsules and softgels is morphing into something quite interesting, and it’s no accident. Consumers are changing the way they manage and consume supplemental nutrition, and smart manufacturers and suppliers are paying attention.

The move toward more innovative, convenient dosage and delivery forms for functional raw ingredients is in full swing. It only takes a brief visit to Whole Foods Market or Sprouts Farmers Market to observe it in all its glory. Single-serve tear pouches, gummies, shots, strips, liquids, rapid dissolve tablets, sprays, gels and chewables are everywhere, and consumers are rushing to purchase.

The consumer trend overall is toward a more diverse selection of dosage forms based on needs and lifestyle. This has important implications for both manufacturers of supplements and suppliers of raw materials.

Many consumers are:

•             Looking for convenience and flexibility;

•             Searching for new and innovative health solutions;

•             Enjoying newfound empowerment to proactively manage their own health and wellness;

•             Attracted to bright, shiny new things;

•             Increasingly receptive to the recommendations of peers, friends and family; and,

•             Into social media.

Successful supplements of the future will have to compete for the limited attention of a busy and convenience-driven consumer who wants health solutions to be available on-demand and on their terms. So, delivering a product/ingredient in a dosage and form that is interesting, flexible and conforms to their lifestyles is vital, and quickly becoming a cost of entry into the category.

For more on branding and marketing supplements of the future, read the full article in INSIDER’s Supplement Delivery Technology Digital Issue.

Jeff Hilton is co-founder and chief marketing officer at BrandHive.

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