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online video content builds brand and sales

Online Video Content Builds Your Brand and Sales

Your website and social media outlets are windows to the world. In the competitive nutraceutical business environment, they are the essential elements that will effectively and consistently connect you with your clients and potential new business relationships. It is imperative to distinguish your company and products from the competition.

Including video content on your website, and engaging in professionally developed and maintained Facebook and Twitter accounts is becoming more of an expectation as opposed to a bonus. Quality and variety of content is the key to making Internet communications work to their full potential. With websites and social media portals advancing at an extremely fast pace, organizations need to place more time and emphasis into creating and maintaining their online media content.

As informative and effective as concise text and information is within Web pages, just using copy does not provide a competitive edge. Gone are the days when a few words were enough. Customer demand is high, and users want images, graphics and video from the websites they are visiting. The average person spends 15 minutes a day watching videos on YouTube. The YouTube site exceeds more than 2 billion views a day. While not all viewing is business related, theres no doubt video is a powerful online tool.

Capture Visitor Attention

Adding video to a business website can dramatically improve the sites look and feel. In addition to improving a sites ranking on major Internet search engines, video has the power to capture the attention of potential customers and interest them in further exploring the content. Online video is one of the most effective tools for business marketing, and one of the best methods to engage viewers and create more page views.

Success of an online program largely depends on the way the brand, products and services are presented to site visitors. Having a website rich with quality content is a proven key for getting more visitors and generating leads.

Promoting products with Web video allows a business to educate potential customers about the products and, in a sense, advertise their advantages. One of the most important benefits of online video is that it increases the average time visitors are spending on the site, and thats one of the factors search engines consider when indexing websites.

A high-quality web video demonstrates a companys professionalism. It can represent the companys values, enhance brand awareness, and inform site visitors about product or service offerings.

As informative and effective as text can be, it doesnt have the same wow factor as video. Video grabs your attention and keeps you engaged. Whats more, video is easy to digest. A lot of information can be covered in a short timeframe. From in-depth interviews to product informational videos, online visitors are educated and enlightened.

Success Rate Outweighs the Cost

Unfortunately, many companies avoid video like the plague. The first reason is usually cost. It always comes down to money. Second, like most online media, be it websites or social media sites, many corporate executives still are not fully versed in the value of new media to the overall marketing strategy, thus making it difficult to integrate all aspects of the communications venues.

Asking how much video development costs is like asking how much a car costs. Reasonable ballpark figures serve as a guide for budget purposes. A two-to-three minute web-based corporate video presentation might cost between $2,500 and $7,500. If you use the time honored $1,000-a-minute for a professionally produced online corporate video as a starting point, that gives a reasonable idea of where to begin in the budgeting process.

With the average video industry rate at $1,000 per finished minute, most companies are hesitant to go any further than occasionally dipping their toes in the water, and thats unfortunate. When delving into the numbers collected from several trade media groups, it becomes apparent why video has become an extremely effective business tool.

  • Web video is 40-percent more likely to grab attention than text. Comscore
  •  Video landing pages generate four to seven times higher engagement and response rates than static image and text landing pages. SearchEngineWatch, February 2010
  •  Customers who watch videos on product pages converted to product users at twice the rate of customers who did not. Internet Retailer, August 2010
  •  With online video, 21 percent of video viewers make a purchase; 21 percent of video viewers request more information; 26 percent of video viewers visit a store. BIA/Kelsey User View Study, February 2010
  • Video is the fastest-growing website feature, according to a survey of 12,000 growing businesses. WebVisible, Forrester
  • Of top 20 companies in each business sector, more than 73 percent use Web video as part of their communications strategy. VideoBloom

Theres no denying dietary supplement manufacturers websites with embedded video look impressive. Because few industry manufacturers use video, those that do give a clear sign that theyre a step ahead of the competition.

Well-produced video indicates to potential customers that you are a forward-thinking company. Of course, not just any video will make a website and company look impressive. The most effective videos utilize well-prepared content, shot with high-definition cameras and quality sound in a properly lighted location. Top-quality post-production work, including editing and graphics is also crucial to achieving results that will impress site visitors.

Placing videos online doesnt necessary guarantee sales, but it is a proven method to build an online brand, improve click-through rates and show viewers a different aspect of your business that printed words are not always able to convey.

With more than 25 years of marketing experience, Sheldon Baker has developed and managed a wide range of successful corporate marketing programs. As principal and senior partner with the Baker Dillon Group (, he has created numerous U.S. nutraceutical industry brands and brand promotion that have brought measurable results for clients and generated millions of dollars in revenues. Contact him at .

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