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Supplement Perspectives

Nurturing Your Social Media Network

Harvards health and social network guru, Nicholas Christakis said, Networks have value, they are a kind of social capital. If we realized how valuable they are we would spend a lot more time nurturing them.

How healthy is your brands social life? Many companies who market in the B2B world are guilty of under-nourishing their social networks, especially online. However, more online resources specifically for businesses are emerging. And, since birds of a feather flock together, even non-business-focused social sites can help your brand story disseminate through your target audience.Now that we have established that social networks are important, even for B2B channels, we face a practical, not a philosophical problem. How do we approach it?

1.) Make a Map.

Like any marketing plan we must begin with the end in mind, set benchmarks for success, define a voice, and possibly most important and most challenging, create a content plan.

2.) Engage!

Just like at a party, talking about yourself is OK, even necessary, but it isnt the best conversation starter. Asking questions, posting photographs and sharing video will encourage your audience to talk back.

3.) Jump In.

A surprising, but relevant tip comes from David Dubois, assistant professor of marketing at INSEAD. He says, Dont think anymore, move and move fast. While strategy is important, too many companies get caught in the quagmire of thinking rather than doing. More than 2.9 million companies already have LinkedIn pages for their businesses, and social science researchers have found that most people only have the time and attention to engage actively with a couple of businesses online. Competition is fierce, but quick action will help make your company a contender. Thanks to the power of social media, conversations with manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and marketers are right at our fingertips. Take advantage and invest in building your social capital.

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