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Nellson Introduces Customer-Driven Blog: "Nellson In Motion"

Article-Nellson Introduces Customer-Driven Blog: "Nellson In Motion"

Nellson LLC, the leading full-service nutrition bar and powder provider in North America, recently introduced ‘Nellson in Motion’.

Press Release

Nellson LLC, the leading full-service nutrition bar and powder provider in North America, recently introduced ‘Nellson in Motion’. The blog, written by Nellson’s team of experts, offers insight and information on the nutritional bar and functional powder markets. Content is designed to highlight current consumer trends, methods to overcome formulation challenges, and tips for successful product launches.

Bart Child, Nellson’s Sr. VP Commercial Development, said, “We developed the ‘Nellson in Motion’ blog as a tool to communicate the latest news and market insight around nutritional bars and functional powders. At Nellson, we have an incredible wealth of in-house R&D expertise and market information, and we want to share that knowledge with our customers. We hope they will find our blogs to be insightful, as we dive into current consumer trends, examine formulation challenges, and share tips for successful bar and powder development."

The Nellson team of experts post blogs that cover news and information on topics and trends such as:

  • Making Clean Label Simple–This post examines the challenges of creating clean label products, current consumer perceptions, as well as the future of the category.



  • Customized Vitamin and Mineral Pre-blend Powders–Nellson’s R&D team discusses current challenges in the development of nutraceutical powders, as consumers seek products that meet specific nutritional criteria. The post also highlights Nellson’s custom pre-blend solutions that are available to meet specific label claims, with products that offer ideal shelf life and more.
  • Quality Matters–Nellson weighs in on which certifications and standards are most important in today’s nutrition marketplace.

Please visit to access and bookmark Nellson’s previous blogs, and be sure to sign up to receive future posts from Nellson’s team of experts.

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