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Marketing to Millennials: Strategies for the Health and Nutrition IndustryMarketing to Millennials: Strategies for the Health and Nutrition Industry

Generation Y, better known as the Millennial Generation, is becoming the largest global demographic segment. Millennials grew up with rapid advancements in technology, and are considered more tech-savvy than preceding generations. This contributes to Millennials’ resistance to traditional marketing strategies, which can present a challenge for companies. This digital magazine dissects the Millennial generation, and offers innovative marketing tactics to target this specific demographic of consumers. Takeaways include: *Millennials number 75.4 million in the United States, surpassing Boomers as the largest generation. *Millennials pay attention to labels and ingredients, and are looking for brands they can relate to. *Buyer personas help marketers determine for which Millennial consumer its products are best suited.