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Know Your Trade Association: Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry

Article-Know Your Trade Association: Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry

Here's the latest installment of this month's series. Get informed and get involved!

Editor's note: Contributors were asked to either complete a questionnaire or use it as the basis for a post. These are the words of the contributor, who were selected by the association. Any edits made were done for space considerations. Want to be included? Contact [email protected].

1.)  What is the purpose of your association?

The Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry (CANI) was founded in 1991 by consultants committed to enhancing the growth and integrity of the industry. 

The goal is to promote education and ethical standards for the improvement of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and advertising to help the industry develop safe and beneficial products for the public.

CANI areas of expertise include the following capabilities to help meet your business needs.


Business Intelligence

Business Management

Business Strategy

Broker Management

Claim Substantiation

Clinical Research

Competitive Intelligence

Crisis Management

Digital Marketing

Distributor Management

Executive Coaching

Feasibility Studies


Government Regulations

Industry Analysis


Intellectual Property



Market Strategy

Market Development

Market Research


Multi-lingual Services

Organic Production & Compliance

Organizational Development

Package Design

Product Development

Project Management

Promotional Events

Public Relations



Quality Systems Development

Regulatory Affairs

Research & Development

Risk Management

Sales Management

Sales & Marketing

Scientific Substantiation

Sourcing Sustainability


Strategic Planning

Tradeshow Exhibit Design

Training & Education

Video Production

Web Site Development

2.) Who does your membership consist of? What are the qualifications for membership?

Members include those individuals and companies that are actively providing services and expertise to the Natural Products Industry and related industries to help business development and growth.

Members are vetted through an interview and referral process that effectively determines the extent and viability of their capabilities and willingness to fully serve the organizations objectives. 

3.) What services or benefits do you provide your members?

Members are included in exhibit participation at industry trade show events to help generate exposure for their services and increase inquiries for the organization as a whole. Networking and business referrals are valuable opportunities to expand their reach into the industry, related industries, and beyond via other industry association and member relationships. Business referrals are also offered to CANI members throughout the year.

4.) How is your organization different than others representing the natural products industry? 

We offer free referrals to any individual or company seeking services and expertise to help develop, build, and enhance their company or products. Within our organization, we can provide any and all services necessary to launch and sustain a new or growing business.

5.) What does your organization hope to accomplish in the upcoming months?

Our goal is to provide an outreach to developing and established companies that need our member services and to increase our membership to deliver greater competencies to meet the expanding needs of the Industry.

6.) In your opinion, what's your role in the natural products industry?

Our primary role in the Natural Products Industry is to provide a conduit between retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, and those businesses that integrate themselves in the development process. Further, we strive to support growth by providing the specific guidance and services that will propel companies to the next level of operation.

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