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MSM may fight periodontal disease

Combining natural therapy containing MSM may prevent periodontal disease in combination with conventional periodontal treatment.

GREENVILLE, Pa. Preliminary results of a human trial released by Carolwood Corp. indicated that a natural therapy containing the company's Lignisul MSM may prevent periodontal disease when combined with conventional periodontal treatment. Marvin Frager, D.M.D., who conducted the study, noted that compared to an 11.5% reduction in gum problem areas in the control group, the group treated with Perio-Tek (which contains MSM) exhibited a 66.8-percent reduction in gum problem areas. In addition, there was an average 15.5% decrease in the size of all periodontal pockets (the space between the gums and the tooth) in the treatment group compared to a 0.2% decrease in the control group, as well as a 59.6-percent reduction in the bleeding index in the treatment group compared to a 20% reduction in the control group.

The Perio-Tek system includes periodontal root planings and treatment with an all-natural gel that contains Lignisul MSM and other proprietary ingredients. It also includes a home care kit with chewable mints that adhere to the gums and teeth to kill bacteria, a systemic immune boosting product that also contains MSM, and a method of replacing healthy bacteria in the gums and mouth. "The natural supplement system is designed to keep harmful bacteria and periodontal disease from returning, so the patient will only require periodic maintenance care," Frager said. "With conventional care, periodontal disease often returns and is progressive, requiring expensive repeat treatments with harsh chemicals that can cause side effects. The natural supplement system is less costly than conventional treatment with antibiotics and produces no negative side effects."


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