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WHITE ( released its latest product review, passing 15 of 17 MSM (methysulfonylmethane) products. In February and March of this year, purchased 17 MSM products, several of which contained other ingredients such as glucosamine or vitamin C. Products were tested to determine whether they contained the MSM amounts stated on the label, as well as for DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) contamination. Two products that did not pass were found to contain MSM amounts that were 15-percent and 12-percent less than their labeled amounts. Also, one of the failed products contained a small amount--0.05 percent--of residual DMSO. While not being a health risk, the presence of DMSO could indicate poor product quality and leave a faint, sulfur-like smell.

"When you're making MSM, you want to make it as pure as humanly possible," said Tom Haberer, director of sales and marketing at Vancouver, Wash.-based Cardinal Nutrition. The company produces OptiMSM.

This test yielded more positive results than previous tests. "The results for MSM are actually better than we have seen for most supplement categories," said Tod Cooperman, president of Later this year, will release test results for phytoestrogen and omega-3 products.

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