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Dr. Oz Advisor Explores Eggshell Membrane Ingredient

<p>ESM Technologies opened its doors to Bryce Wylde, functional medicine expert and medical advisor to The Dr. Oz Show, who took a closer look at the company&#8217;s NEM&#174; products for joint health.</p>

CARTHAGE, Mo.—ESM Technologies opened its doors to Bryce Wylde, functional medicine expert and medical advisor to The Dr. Oz Show, who took a closer look at the company’s NEM® products for joint health.

Wylde first learned about NEM for joints a few years ago when NEM-based products were introduced in Canada. As a clinician, Wylde naturally checked to see what research had been conducted on the ingredient. He found multiple published studies concluding clinically meaningful results, along with an impressive safety profile. Encouraged by this information, Wylde began to use the product personally and in his clinical practice. Inspired to do a deeper dive, he used a boots-on-the-ground approach by visiting ESM Technologies in Carthage, Missouri, where NEM is manufactured, determined to take a closer look at this research-supported, sustainable joint health ingredient.

To obtain a comprehensive look at NEM, Wylde first visited a local Mid-western egg-breaking facility, where eggs arrive from the farm, and the whites and yolks are used in food production. Upon observing the amount of remaining eggshells that are left over from the process, he quickly understood the significant environmental impact, as this single location processes one million eggs per day. There are 24 billion eggs used each year in the United States, leaving behind about approximately 600,000 tons of shells. The next step was to visit ESM Technologies’ current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) manufacturing facilities, where these remaining eggshells find new purpose. Wylde toured the separation plant, where he saw ESM’s patented, eco-friendly process separate the membrane from the eggshell, as well as dry and mill each into powder; he also reviewed the laboratories where much of the research and quality measures for NEM® are conducted.

Gathering film footage at each location, Wylde and his team created a documentary of sorts discussing his findings on NEM. In the video, Wylde explains the different nutrients contained in NEM that contribute to its beneficial effects on joint health.

“When we have the right nutrients available, our joints are healthier," he explained. He discusses his own experience with NEM, as well as the published research showing clinically meaningful results obtained from a small daily dose. Wylde also discusses how his patients truly appreciate the easy-to-use, quick-acting supplement, which translates into enhanced user compliance, along with a regimen they stick with for joint comfort and flexibility.

He concludes with another benefit from using NEM: its environmental impact. “(There’s) no environmental footprint; additionally, the raw material is sourced locally, and is traceable, renewable and very sustainable," Wylde said.

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