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Animal Nutrition Joint Health Ingredients

animal joint
<p>Although ingredients such as glucosamine, collagen, curcumin and omega-3s are becoming increasingly popular in companion animal joint wellness applications, brand holders must stay abreast of species-specific clinical research and regulatory considerations.</p>

It’s no secret that pets have moved up the ranks in many families—a phenomena resulting in supremely spoiled companion animals and a thriving pet care market. According to GfK point-of-sale (POS) pet data, in 2015, joint/mobility products in pet specialty grossed $US95.7 million in sales, a 45 percent increase from 2011. Some of the market growth may have been transferred from the veterinary channel, which saw a 23 percent decline in gross sales (to a still-significant $33.4 million) of joint/mobility products in the same time frame.

“Pets, like ourselves, are living longer, which increases health-related needs," stated Paul Dijkstra, president and CEO of InterHealth Nutraceuticals. “Ingredients for healthy joints are a hot area of supplementation, primarily because of the high number of animals—mainly dogs and horses—that suffer from joint-related issues."

When it comes to companion animals, GfK data indicated SKUs for dry food and treats accounted for roughly 99 percent of total joint/mobility dollar sales in 2015 in the pet specialty channel. During 2015, 68 unique brands with joint/mobility SKUs were sold in pet specialty—an 11.5 percent increase from 2014. Canines were the overwhelming focus, with dog products representing 99 percent of joint/mobility dollar sales in pet specialty and approximately 96 percent in vet clinics in 2015.

Gary Lynch, Ph.D., senior project and account manager at HORN Animal Wellness, confirmed the largest delivery method for pet joint health ingredients is in a balanced, nutritionally complete pet food—particularly super-premium brands. However, he noted the same joint health nutrients used in dog and cat foods are often formulated into supplements and treats for specific therapeutic situations.

To read more about the latest ingredients for animal nutrition joint health formulations—as well as a refresher on the regulatory and claims environment—download the Animal Joint Health Digital Magazine.

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