Video: Functional Beverage Formulation

<p>Functional beverages are great in theory; however, every functional ingredient comes with a unique set of formulation challenges&mdash;a factor that typically multiplies, the more complex the mix.</p>

Functional beverages have become increasingly popular, whether the consumer is seeking an influx of protein or an added boost of vitamins and minerals. However, each unique ingredient comes with its own set of formulation challenges—which can negatively impact the product’s flavor, shelf life or stability.

In this INSIDER exclusive video, Andy Dratt, executive vice president, Imbibe, addressed some of the potential challenges of formulating beverages with functional ingredients. He’ll continue the conversation at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, at a special workshop, "Sparking Beverage Innovation," Wednesday, Oct. 5. Additional topics will include:

• Trends from the culinary space that could drive beverage product development

• Popular beverage ingredients and product trends currently at retail

• How to develop an effective beverage go-to-market strategy

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