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Quality Manufacture and Rigorous Research give Hyabest the Edge in Twelve-Week Anti-Wrinkle Trial

Article-Quality Manufacture and Rigorous Research give Hyabest the Edge in Twelve-Week Anti-Wrinkle Trial

<p style="margin: 0in 0in 8pt;">A <a href="">recently-published clinical study</a> has concluded that the key to diminishing wrinkles in as little as two months has everything to do with the source and volume of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the body. For <b>Kewpie</b>, the long-time leader in HA research and producer of global standard<a name="_Hlk489738784"> <b>Hyabest&reg;(S)LF-P</b></a>,<b> </b>the conclusion was an acknowledgment of decades of work and study.</p>

Press Release

A recently-published clinical study has concluded that the key to diminishing wrinkles in as little as two months has everything to do with the source and volume of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the body. For Kewpie, the long-time leader in HA research and producer of global standard Hyabest®(S)LF-P, the conclusion was an acknowledgment of decades of work and study.

Leaders in pharmaceutical health supplementation, from academia to marketing, developers and researchers alike, agree that the current state of awareness in health and longevity looks directly to natural materials and methods, and turns to original wisdom for fundamental understanding of the body’s functions, in the quest for improvement. There are few companies in the world better positioned to answer this quest than Kewpie Corporation of Japan, a company founded in 1919 on exhaustive investigation of the generative properties of the humble egg, nature’s essential crucible of life, and today the manufacturer of a host of products built around the idea that the power to sustain life and youth resides within the body, and requires only the correct natural support to unleash its resilience and vitality.

The role of the mucopolysaccharide hyaluronic acid in hydrating the skin and guarding against deterioration, especially from the effect of UV radiation, has been commonly known since it was first revealed generations ago. It acts to reinforce the collagenic structure beneath the corneal layer of the skin. Without it, that structure breaks down, hydration is lost, and the surface becomes riven with ruts and lines. In humans, the primary antagonist in this process is aging – we lose some three quarters of our body’s HA as we pass through middle age – with UV radiation following close behind. Hyaluronic acid in the dermis is replaceable by injection, but at considerable cost, discomfort, and risk, and the effects are unsustained. More importantly, HA is a component of every organ and connective tissue in the body, from brain to eyes, to heart, to synovial fluid. Although skin, our largest organ, holds the most visible fifty percent of the body’s store of the substance, every organ and joint suffers over time from its loss.

So it came as an epochal change when, in 2014, the highly impact-factored Nutrition Journal, one of the world’s most respected publishers of top-level nutritional research, released a peer-reviewed study in which daily intake of Kewpie’s hyaluronan ingredient Hyabest®(S)LF-P was shown conclusively to counter the loss of skin hydration and guard against deterioration due to age, and to such environmental factors as cold, dry air and UV radiation. For the first time, daily oral intake of hyaluronic acid, which had been used topically from its debut in the 1930’s, was determined to be a viable means of replenishment in the body, and it was not long before supplement manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon.

But this second double-blinded, placebo-controlled study offers more complete evidence that not every producer’s oral application of hyaluronic acid can promise any hope of effectiveness, and that Hyabest®(S)LF-P’s combination of unique properties, in specific, meaningful dosage, can show positive results after just two-months of commencing daily oral intake.

The study involved sixty healthy men and women between 22 and 59 years of age. The group was divided in three, with subjects administered either a placebo, or a hyaluronic acid formulation using one of two varieties, with a molecular weight of 2k or 300k. The dosage, 120 mg. daily, was the same for all, and the trial lasted 12 weeks. Within two weeks of completing the course of supplementation, subjects were observed with instrumentation and interviewed via questionnaire. The HA groups reported indisputable changes in the depth and definition of wrinkles, which was substantiated by microphotography, along with notable improvements in luster and suppleness.

Dosage and Dedication are Key.

To say that Kewpie Corporation is respected and beloved in Japan is neither exaggeration nor merely “market talk”. Beloved for its food products, which are wholesome and basic, and rely on freshness and minimal processing, rather than coloration and additives, for their appeal, Kewpie has earned the nation’s respect for its consistent quality. Since 1919, the company’s nutritional research division has spent more time and resources than most any other manufacturer in the category on strict and rigorous testing and development. Based on the idea that the strongest defense against the ravages of the environment and aging is the one we’re endowed with at birth, Kewpie has maintained an abiding dedication to ultimate purity and refinement regarding what enters the body. Kewpie products have been among the most trusted in Japan for generations.

In 1983, the company turned its attention to the benefits of hyaluronic acid, and hasn’t turned away since, becoming a world leader in sales of HA products, including flagship Hyabest®(S)LF-P, along with its counterpart Hyabest®(J), geared to addressing joint and intramuscular issues. When, in 2015, the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) announced its newest and most rigorous labeling standard for functional foods, Food with Function Claims (FFC), Kewpie’s Hyabest®(S)LF-P was among the first ingredients recognized, thanks to the company’s single-minded effort in maintaining the highest standards of research, reporting, quality and consistency.

That the current study identified, with specificity and certainty, a dosage of 120 mg. daily is significant too. Because while many companies are racing to include HA as a component of their anti-aging and anti-wrinkle supplementation, they lack the resources and experience to produce the substance at a volume and with consistent quality necessary to provide it in sufficient amounts.

Hyaluronic acid is costly to manufacture, and once in the body, its effectiveness is diminished by absorption in the intestinal tract and metabolic action by the liver, making the slight quantities available in other formulations negligible in their effect. Uniquely-formulated Hyabest®(S)LF-P is less subject to degradation, and few companies possess the technical expertise and facilities to produce hyaluronic acid at the levels that Kewpie Corporation does, through a time-tested process of natural bio-fermentation, and without the use of any animal sources whatsoever.

With clinically proven Hyabest®(S)LF-P, consumers can count on visible results; and manufacturers, with the advent of this new clinical proof, can stand with confidence on the quality and effectiveness of their products.

Speak with Kewpie representatives at SupplySide West in Las Vegas this September to learn more. Find them at the Mitsubishi International Food Ingredient presentation, Booth T156.

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