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Natural Beauty

Article-Natural Beauty

<p>Women today know their appearance on the outside is usually a direct reflection of what&#8217;s going on inside. Simply put, health and beauty go hand in hand.</p>

Outward appearance isn’t just about vanity. Women today know their appearance on the outside is usually a direct reflection of what’s going on inside. Simply put, health and beauty go hand in hand.

As a teenager, my main beauty concerns involved keeping acne to a minimum and ensuring split ends were trimmed off every few months. Now, as an adult, I have developed a more holistic view of both health and personal care, realizing the nutrients (or lack thereof) I put in my body will have a direct impact on my outward appearance. Before joining the INSIDER editorial team in 2013, I was already researching foods for health on a regular basis, fascinated by how various vitamins and minerals affect the body’s functions. I’ve made quite a few dramatic changes regarding nutrient intake in recent years, and practices such as incorporating more antioxidants and omega-3s into my diet have done wonders for my hair, skin and nails. While improving outward appearance was not the original intention behind my shift in diet, it was certainly a satisfying side effect that allowed me to make a better connection between health and beauty.

This idea of “beauty from within" has registered with many consumers who realize quality beauty products enhance hair and skin health from the inside out. Both ingestible and topical ingredients for beauty have allowed the cosmeceutical sector to experience increases each year, and new innovations—omega-3s, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E ingredients and beyond—promise the sector will continue to thrive moving forward.

With the U.S. cosmeceutical industry predicted to hit USD $8.5 billion this year, according to The Freedonia Group, manufacturers must stay updated on the latest ingredient news, demographic information and consumer purchasing patterns to maximize their potential in the growing market. This blog will offer manufacturers a go-to source for all things beauty, from new trendy ingredients to state-of-the-market updates.

Be sure to check back weekly for a perspective on natural beauty and all the latest news within the personal care industry.

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