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Narcissus bulb extract may benefit oily skin

Article-Narcissus bulb extract may benefit oily skin

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IBR Ltd. conducted research at their laboratories on IBR-Dormin, to find its affect on oil, acne-prone skin.

IBR Ltd. conducted research on their product IBR-Dormin (narcissus tazetta bulb extract) and its benefits for oily, acne-prone skin. IBR-Dormin is a natural aqueous extract from narcissus bulbs in their dormant state that is able to slow cell proliferation. The research evaluated the safety and efficacy of IBR-Dormin in the reduction of oiliness in a randomized, double-blind, parallel treatment, placebo-controlled trial. The study took place over six weeks, with a two-week washout period.

Results were concluded from both  instrumental assessments and self assessments. Sebum levels were measured by a sebumeter. There was a significant reduction in sebumeter readings with baseline from day three until week four with the IBR-Dormin and salicylic acid formulation. The commercial formulation showed significant reduction in sebumeter readings with baseline from day three until week two. The placebo showed a difference only at day three and at no other time.

The subjects reported a significant improvement in oiliness from all products except the placebo from day three and on. They also reported an improvement in shine with 1.5% IBR-Dormin formulation starting at week one. It was also reported that starting at week one, the 1.5% IBR-Dormin formulation and the commercial formula made their skin feel less dry. Subjects reports an overall improvement of skin appearance starting at week two when using the 1.5% IBR-Dormin formulation.

IBR concluded that the proliferation of sebocytes, the cells that produce sebum, is slowed with IBR-Dormin, with may assist in reducing skin oiliness, shine and improve overall appearance. Together with salicylic acid and other ingredients that fight acne, IBR-Dormin may decrease acne outbreaks.

IBR develops, manufacturers and sells natural active ingredients for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. IBR performs its research at its own research laboratories.

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