LycoRed Invests in Ingestible Skincare Trials

<p>LycoRed invests $1 million into ongoing clinical tests for ingestible skincare technology.</p>

ORANGE, NJ.—LycoRed invested USD $1 million into ongoing clinical tests for ingestible skincare technology. LycoRed invested in a trial researching the potential impact of digestibles on erythema (skin redness as a result of sun exposure) and general wellness. The clinical trial will support LycoRed’s newest skin health and beauty technology Lyc-O-Derm.

“With this new trial, we are investing heavily in LycoRed’s own expertise and insight, and our proven research and technology in digestible skincare,"

“There is a powerful relationship between the foods we consume and their ability to protect our bodies, particularly our largest organ, the skin," said Golan Raz, head of commercialization for North America. “We are excited about the potential of these trials and expect encouraging results in December 2014, when the interim analysis will be completed."

The new clinical trial is the latest effort in LycoRed’s ongoing programs to conduct clinically responsible research that benefits consumer health and wellness regimes. Earlier this month, LycoRed was awarded “Best Food Supplement in a Capsule" for Lyc-O-Mato.

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