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Hyaluronan Ingredient Improves Skin Hydration

<p>Kewpie Corporation&#8217;s hyaluronan (HA) ingredient Hyabest&#174; can counter the loss of skin hydration as long as two weeks after ingestion when taken at molecular weight (MW) 300.</p>

ROCKVILLE, Md.—Kewpie Corporation’s hyaluronan (HA) ingredient Hyabest® can counter the loss of skin hydration as long as two weeks after ingestion when taken at molecular weight (MW) 300. (Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition. 2014 Nov. 1; Online. DOI: 10.3164/jcbn.14-81)

Researchers studied 61 subjects over a month and a half of regular oral intake (120 mg daily) of Kewpie Hyaluronsan HA-F and Hyabest (S) LF-P with measurements assessed after two weeks, four weeks and beyond. All the while, subjects were monitored for the most minute warnings that oral administration presented any harmful effect. None was found, but researchers noted with interest that HA samples of differing molecular weight (MW), while invariably beneficial, worked differently upon entering the system.

The Kewpie HA MW 300 (Hyabest®(S) LF-P), and MW 800 (Hyaluronsan HA-F) both performed exceedingly well. But as long as two weeks after ingestion had ended, the lower molecular weight form, Hyabest®(S) LF-P, was still showing outstanding effects on moisture content of the skin, slightly higher than in the group that ingested the MW 800, and of course vastly higher than the placebo group.

Just as importantly, the subjects saw the difference. Subjects replied to questionnaires describing their own observations centered on luster, suppleness and wrinkles, all the signs of aging and skin degradation by extrinsic factors that so concern consumers. Those who’d been administered Hyabest®(S) LF-P reported positive effects well after the period of intake had ended.

In uncovering the distinct differences in physical reaction between HA samples of differing molecular weight, the research uncovers new avenues for investigation. This, in turn, is a message to producers of supplements and functional food products. The horizon for natural ingredients that help fortify and safeguard healthy skin is widening to include larger and more receptive audiences than ever before. They are consumers who want to achieve a wholesome balance between nutrition and protection from aging and the elements, without questionable medications, surgery and cosmetics that do nothing but hide and allay problems. They want glowing health, but are wary of false promises and tentative and unnatural solutions.

Previous research has shown Hyabest increases skin moisture after daily oral intake for just over one month.

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