Consumer Trial Shows Effectiveness of Soothing Cleanser Containing Pycnogenol

<p>Derma e announced the results of a consumer trial on their soothing cleanser. Participants reported reduced redness and decreased skin irritation after one week of using the product.</p>

SIMI VALLEY, Calif.Derma e, a maker of antioxidant skin care products, announced the results of a consumer trial on its soothing cleanser. The cleanser is doctor-developed and contains Pycnogenol, derived from the French maritime pine tree.

The consumer trial took place over a one week period with participants who had red, highly sensitive, easily irritated or rosacea-prone skin. The participants were instructed to use the cleanser in the morning and at night. Facial images of each participant were recorded and analyzed using a VisioFace photographic device to measure progress. The participants also completed a survey to measure the self-perceived benefits of using the cleanser.

Both tests provided evidence that twice daily use of the soothing cleanser helped reduce redness, decrease skin irritation and effectively remove makeup.  The soothing cleanser is fragrance-, paraban- and sulfate-free.

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