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Ashland, BASF, Others Offer Innovative Ingredients at a Successful In-cosmetics 2015 Show

Article-Ashland, BASF, Others Offer Innovative Ingredients at a Successful In-cosmetics 2015 Show

<p>In-cosmetics 2015, which took place April 14 to 16 in Gran Fira, Barcelona, attracted a record 8,578 unique visitors, including a large number of international visitors who reinforced the show&#8217;s reputation as a global event. This year&#8217;s show welcomed 710 exhibitors from around the world with 105 companies exhibiting for the first time; this large number of first time exhibitors reiterates the popularity of the cosmetic sector.</p>

In-cosmetics 2015, which took place last week in Gran Fira, Barcelona, boasted success by attracting a record 8,578 unique visitors, including a large number of international visitors who reinforced the show’s reputation as a global event. This year’s show welcomed 710 exhibitors from around the world, with 105 companies exhibiting for the first time; this large number of first-time exhibitors reiterates the popularity of the cosmetic sector.  

Companies such as Ashland, BASF and many others offered unique and innovative ingredients to the continually growing cosmetic industry. Ashland presented examples of enterprise solutions in key areas of consumer care that will enable manufacturers of finished products to introduce new, more dynamic and more efficient formulations. Showcasing expertise in bioavailability, the company provided insights into the future of products based on enhanced ingredient delivery in skin, scalp, hair and oral care applications.

Working on the premise that beautiful skin is linked to overall skin health, Ashland introduced its team of biologists, dermatologists and formulation experts to attendees. The team is focused on the discovery of new biological pathways that may potentially be used to hydrate and restore compromised skin safely and efficiently using simple topical formulations. New research is centered on epigenetic pathways to modulate the expression of certain genes for the benefit of healthy-looking skin without changing underlying DNA structures. A series of demonstration cosmetic formulations created by Ashland and displayed at the company’s stand incorporated biofunctional ingredients such as Elixiance™ biofunctional, a new offering associated with a significant reduction in cellular stress induced by fine-dust air pollution in vitro (PM2.5 and PM10). In all, the company demonstrated 10 formulations for skin and sun care that contained ingredients designed for specific cosmetic and sensory effects.

In addition, Ashland revealed hair-care solutions at in-cosmetics 2015 to bring out the beauty of numerous hair types around the world. The company designed prototype formulations that address the root-to-tip hair-care needs of consumers everywhere. The results, demonstrated on mannequins, indicate how holistic hair-care formulating strategies based on hair type will be utilized going forward to assure the look of beautiful hair for all consumers. Focusing on the six primary hair textures – fine, straight, wavy, coarse, frizzy and curly, and adding the growing trend in beards – Ashland offered a holistic root-to-tip approach in the design of ingredients and the architecture of hair-care formulations. Starting with biofunctional plant extracts to maintain hair vitality, and including deposition polymers to advance anti-dandruff actives and care ingredients in scalp and shampoo formulations, hair-care solutions begin at the root, the company explained. In addition, polymer technology can boost volume, help repair damaged hair fibers, enhance the hair’s natural texture and assure long-lasting humidity-resistant styles in hair conditioner, treatment, styling and finishing products. Ashland also offered information on its new commercial offering for hairspray, the Advantage™ 4910 polymer, and its Optiphen™ P platform, the first non-alcohol preservative technology platform with a functionalized delivery system.

At the show, BASF invited visitors to delve into the world of sensory perception. Framed by the motto “Sensory 2.0," the portfolio on display included new ingredients and formulations that promote sensory experiences. BASF took visitors on four multisensory journeys—“Fire & Ice," “The Caring Touch," “Sweet Senses" and “The Taste of Success." At BASF’s booth, visitors also watched short 3D-movie screenings, during which they could feel different skin care formulations applied to their hands. All 18 formulations offer multisensory profiles that appeal to six different consumer archetypes—“Energetic," “Perfect," “Professional," “Protected," “Authentic" and “Creative."

To help develop hair styling products that resonate with consumers, BASF also put together the “Trends & Textures Box"—a set of formulations tailored to meet current hair styling trends. Offering promising opportunities for manufacturers, each formulation was developed to create popular styles, including enduring workout looks, classy styles, wet looks and more. Also, to better help customers find the ideal polymer for their individual skin care product, the company offered the “Skin Care Polymers Toolbox." Among the polymers identified, the company said two can especially help cosmetics manufacturers to optimize the sensory characteristics of their products: Cosmedia SP, a thickener and emulsifier; and Rheocare HSP 1180, a sensory modifier.

Find out more about innovative beauty ingredients by attending in-cosmetics Paris 2016, which will take place April 12 to 14.

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