Ragu Ragupathy

“Ragu" Ragupathy, Ph.D., attained his doctoral degrees in botany and genetics and has been working more than 15 years at Ontario, Canada-based University of Guelph. He’s worked on more than 80 publications, including books and scientific journal articles on plant diversity, ethnobotany and natural health products (NHPs). His research has identified a number of problems with the mislabeling of botanical ingredients in food and NHPs—for which he has developed disruptive biotechnology using molecular diagnostics to authenticate species ingredients. Ragupathy is actively engaged in the development of policy on international trade of botanical products, including product authentication and certification standards within the food and natural products industry within Canada, the United States, EU and Asia. He also co-directs the newly established NHP Research Alliance at the University of Guelph.


Ragu’s Recent activity