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Ashwagandha Advantage
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Ashwagandha Goes Global at SupplySide West

<p>The SupplySide West show in Las Vegas provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet with industry professionals, as well as explore opportunities in the natural products marketplace&#0151;including the wide range of possibilities for ashwagandha.</p>

For thousands of years, ashwagandha has been considered among the most valuable herbs in India. Its reach to the rest of the world has been comparatively limited, primarily used by those already familiar with Ayurveda. All of that is changing. In fact, we launched the Ashwagandha Advantage website earlier this year because we recognized this burgeoning market. And during SupplySide West Sept 25-29 in Las Vegas, ashwagandha will truly be front and center for the global health and nutrition industry to see and experience.

Much of ashwagandha’s growth has been driven by the investments and actions of our SupplySide West Title Sponsor, KSM-66.  At SupplySide West, you will be able to find KSM-66 right at the expo hall entrance in booth EE-142 where you can see real-world product applications of ashwagandha and meet with the people who have brought this ingredient to the world market.

You will also be able to view a brief preview of our recent SupplySide Global Experience Documentary on ashwagandha—filmed on location in India and featuring our Vice President of Content Heather Granato and Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter. Heather and Chris travelled across India exploring farms, clinics, processing facilities, and the rich history of ashwagandha and Ayurveda.

As the body of clinical research continues to grow and substantiate the long history of use for this botanical, interest among product developers is also growing. We are seeing ashwagandha appear in dietary supplements, beverages, snack bars, confections, sports nutrition products and even veggie burgers. The level of product innovation with ashwagandha is unprecedented, and there’s more to come.

If you have not already made your plans to visit SupplySide West, please accept my invitation to join us (along with 15,000 of your peers from the global health and nutrition industry). In addition to ashwagandha, there will be thousands of other innovative ingredients and companies at the show, all focused on bringing healthy products to consumers around the world. We hope to see you there!

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