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Ashwagandha and women's health – eGuide

Ashwagandha and women's health – eGuide
Download this report to dig in to the root cause of women's health concerns.

Women are finally having their moment. Or, perhaps more precisely, a pivotal moment in a centuries-long battle for equality in largely male-dominated societies. The #MeToo movement is certainly the latest and loudest demand for respect, especially against sexual harassment. In the U.S. the movement likely propelled a record number of women into Congress in 2018 and has renewed debates on everything from pay inequality on the playing field to gender representation in the boardroom.

The healthcare gap between men and women is another area waiting to be addressed—and a humble herb from India could play a role in bringing homeostasis to the sexes.

For this installment in our series on ashwagandha—an adaptogenic herb with a millennia-long history in Ayurvedic medicine—we will explore how Withania somnifera can help address specific areas of women’s health, with a focus on health through life stages, beginning where a lot of health problems start: stress.

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