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Symrise Tropical Flavors on the Upswing in Sweet Goods

<p>Symrise reports that their Tropical Flavor collection is gaining increased usage in sweet products such as ice creams and desserts.</p>

News Release

Symrise reports that their Tropical Flavor collection is gaining increased usage in sweet products such as ice creams and desserts.

Emmanuel Laroche, Vice President of Symrise’s Marketing and Consumer Insights Group and Global Marketing Leader, stated, “There has been a strong, positive growth of Symrise’s tropical flavors in sweet products, as they live up to their claim as ‘true to fruit, true to nature and true to life’ ingredients. Hispanics, the nation’s fastest growing demographic group, have been a major influence on the increased acceptance of tropical flavors such as horchata, tangerine, guava, mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, tamarind, guanabana, watermelon and hibiscus.”

Mr. Laroche said that some tropical fruits are relatively new to mainstream consumers. “Symrise has carefully replicated these fruits in flavors, finding them well suited to a broad range of ice creams, puddings, desserts and confectionery products. Our tropical flavors, inspired by Hispanic tropical fruits, are giving pleasure to consumers in every ethnic group. The diverse Latin-type tropical fruit flavors can be found in a host of new and novel specialty applications such as push pops.”

It was explained that Symrise conducted an on-line study to identify the most appealing tropical flavors and flavor combinations. The study looked at two cells of 50 participants who reside in Dallas and New York. They were comprised of individuals who were either experienced or unfamiliar with Hispanic brands. The results of this research, which was conducted by Symrise’s Marketing and Consumer Insights Group,  are described in the Symrise publication, “Go Tropical!” which is available by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 1-201-462-2384.

Mr. Laroche concluded, “Our flavor development team and application specialists are ready to assist customers from product concept to the final stages of product development, working side by side with them as true partners.”

For more information, visit Symrise's website.


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