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<p>Natural Products INSIDER, official media for SupplySide, has reached more than 20,000 website members on</p>

VIRGO (, an information distribution company focused on the most innovative and complex business-to-business markets that fuel the U.S. and world economies, recently announced that Natural Products INSIDER, official media for SupplySide, has reached more than 20,000 website members on provides professionals with exclusive information that gives them an advantage in the dietary supplement, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care business. From Digital Issues on sports nutrition and joint health, to Digital Summits on growth opportunities in probiotics—there’s a variety of readily available and easy to consume information that helps professionals in the industry make more informed decisions.

“The milestone of 20,000 registered website members for Natural Products INSIDER is significant for several reasons," said Danica Cullins, vice president, sales, VIRGO Health & Nutrition. “First, this level of engagement validates our content strategy where content is not comprised of press releases, advertisements or news about promotions, but rather, useful, immediately applicable information that professionals are willing to exchange their information for and use in their daily workflow."

Cullins added, “Having visibility to the job titles, company names and job functions of these 20,000 industry professionals provides critically valuable intelligence to the INSIDER content team as they map out what to cover next. And, while many brands still value their websites in page views and unique visitors—where we also do very well—there’s an entirely new level of value for suppliers to align their brands and become engaged with the specific segments of our audience that are truly positioned for their messaging and return engagement."

To explore Natural Products INSIDER’s website and join the more than 20,000 registered website members who are already making more informed decisions by utilizing the exclusive content INSIDER provides, click here or visit

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