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Monteloeder USA Launches NutroxSun with Innovative Digitilization Platform

In iconic business disruptor style – creating a new value network of connecting with and selling product experience to the consumer -- Monteloeder USA has created a platform, “Health 3.0,” that turns around the way dietary supplements have been marketed.

Press Release

In iconic business disruptor style – creating a new value network of connecting with and selling product experience to the consumer -- Monteloeder USA has created a platform, “Health 3.0,” that turns around the way dietary supplements have been marketed.

NutroxSun™ is the flagship ingredient marketed with Monteloeder’s Health 3.0 technology platform. The company has developed two powerful tools to interact with consumers as well as guiding customer experience consuming NutroxSun™ by using their smartphones:

  • Tool 1: Real Time Personalized Contextual Marketing is a platform that allows to send personalized messages based on context and personal information in the initial stages of the Customer Journey (Awareness, Reseach & Decision, Pre-purchase).
  • Tool 2: A complete mobile platform, which includes an App that helps the consumers manage their consumption of NutroxSun™, as well as the resources and tools to gather customer information and analyze the effects of the product and detect new health ingredient needs.

The impetus for development of this novel consumer technology, which will drive consumers to brand marketers carrying NutroxSun™, is the paradigm shift from selling product to selling consumer experience, considering context information, personalized data as well as the information obtained in the different clinical trials of the product. According to Dr. Arturo Lizón-Nordström, CEO, Monteloeder. “It is now the norm for people to interact with their smartphones and tablets for all aspects of their lives,” he said. “It makes sense for a consumer health product brand to be a companion, an educational advisor that allows them to engage more intimately with the health products they consume, as well as the experiences and results those health ingredients and brands promise.”

NutroxSun (, a natural oral supplement “beauty from within product” with anti-aging properties, is a synergistic blend of Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts that has been clinically proven to protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation (sun exposure). Specifically, the clinical studies have shown the following: it enables prolonging UV radiation exposure by up to 56%, speeds recovery of sun over-exposure and reduces skin redness from 72 hours to 25 hours, increases skin’s elasticity by up to 9%, and reduces wrinkle depth by up to 15%. NutroxSun™ can also be included in topical products to provide additional benefits. 

For brand marketers featuring NutroxSun™, Monteloeder has developed different ways of providing the right contextualized and personalized messages throughout the different stages of the Customer Journey, independently of the mobile´s OS. Also, the App can be downloaded to manage consumer experience using the QR scan or through the following link ( ). Using these links allows the consumer to directly link with the appropriate App for their mobile (be it IOS or Android) in a user-friendly manner.

“Our digital marketing technology allows for real-time personalized contextual messaging,” Lizón-Nordström said. “Using the QR code from any advertising platform allows you to send to your consumers a personalized landing message that analyzes their environments and instantly offer solutions to respond to, as well as the products necessary to protect themselves. This solution is very effective in the initial stages of the Customer Journey previous to the purchase of the product”.

The app, called NutroxSun, that is part of the mHealth platform to manage customers consumption experience, first requires customized information (the consumer’s skin type, gender, ethnicity, etc.), and, when activated, provides the following:

  • Environmental data (current UV index, temperature, pollution levels, wind, humidity, etc)
  • Calculation of individual sun exposure using information from mobile sensors (GPS signal, magnetic field, Wifi signal, etc), geographical data and machine learning. 
  • Calculation of individual UV Budget using personal information and the results gathered in the different clinical trials done with the Nutroxsun. 
  • Calculation of how the UV budget increases/reduces based on sun exposure habits, compliance with the intake of Nutroxsun and application of sunscreeen.
  • Personalized management of sun exposure and consequences (sunburn, sun protection, wrinkle development, and skin cancer risk)

Brand marketers that sell NutroxSun™ products (either as supplements or topicals) can greatly benefit from the fact that Monteloeder has obtained the approval of the concept “sun exposure management” as a health-condition management app. Furthermore, Apple has approved the app, giving clearance to develop other functionalities of the app that use the sun exposure data.

“Our app is unique because the user does not need to tell the app when he/she is exposed to the UV rays, but rather the app tells the user. Therefore, UV sensor is not required to collect sun exposure data,” Lizón-Nordström described. “Instead the app integrates a mechanism able to interpret data from different sensors of the iPhone and assess when the user is exposed. Also, it works even when the phone is tucked away inside a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase. The app also allows for instant online purchase.”

For more information, visit, or

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