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Article-Delivering Business Insights You Can Use

Delivering Business Insights You Can Use
<p>Our VP of content explains INSIDER&rsquo;s editorial stance on recent lawsuits surrounding the Natural Products Association (NPA).</p>

For 20 years, Natural Products INSIDER has served as the go-to print and online resource for the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries, delivering information that helps industry leaders make smart business decisions. It is our goal to bring you content with appropriate context, whether that’s around science-based ingredients, best practices in business operations, market data in key health and wellness categories, or the latest legal and regulatory happenings.

In every industry, there are inevitable legal wranglings. INSIDER has reported on different lawsuits through the years that could affect your business. Whether that’s IP disputes around ingredient manufacturing methods or claims, or moves by regulators at the federal and state level to shut down companies operating outside of the law, our coverage is designed to bring you the necessary facts and understanding of how this impacts industry.

Currently, there are serious allegations being made in court filings concerning the Natural Products Association (NPA) and several of its current and former employees and board members. If you are not familiar with the details, our colleagues at The Tan Sheet offered up two stories, one on the original filing against NPA and its CEO, Daniel Fabricant, and another on the filing by NPA against former CFO Brent Weickert and 10 NPA retail board members. (Both articles sit behind a paywall.)

At this point, no real actions have been taken around the motions filed in court. Until such time as there are decisions or moves made related to these filings that may impact your business and/or the wider industry, INSIDER will keep its focus on bringing you information that truly benefits your business and drives the industry forward.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and I would invite you to reach out to me personally ([email protected]) if you would like to share your insights on how we can help meet your business needs.

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