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WakeUp Energy Drink Wins SupplySide Choice Award

Energy Drink
<p>The WakeUp Post-lunch Waker&#174; won within the energy drink category of the SupplySide West CPG Editor&#8217;s Choice Awards 2014.</p>

TEL AVIV, Israel—The WakeUp Post-lunch Waker® won within the energy drink category of the SupplySide West CPG Editor’s Choice Awards 2014.

WakeUp Post-lunch Waker is a patented, safe and clinically tested beverage formulation with no added caffeine, chemicals or any stimulants that can impact heart rate or blood pressure. WakeUp drink is scientifically proven to overcome fatigue after lunchtime (known as the “post-lunch dip syndrome").

“The out-of-the box thinking displayed by the companies on the short list in each category made selecting just one winner a challenge for our editorial team," said Heather Granato, vice president, content, in Informa’s Health & Nutrition Network. “We’re excited to celebrate their innovation and market vision as CPG industry leaders."

“After we won the ‘Best Functional Drink’ award last year in Europe, we consider the CPG Editors’ Choice Award to be our ‘admission ticket’ to the U.S. beverage market," said Eli Faraggi, CEO of Inno-Bev and founder of WakeUp Post-lunch Waker. “Consumer awareness of an inner biological clock, and growing recognition of ‘post-lunch dip syndrome’ as part of it, has increased dramatically, especially in fast-paced economies. WakeUp is uniquely positioned to address this rapidly growing tiredness crisis."

Why are we always tired?

·         Physiology - the 24-hour circadian cycle is a natural biological process in which the body is controlled by a seven-hour cycle: fatigue, elevation, and peak again. About seven to eight hours after waking, our systems slow down and decrease their rhythms. Blood pressure decreases, blood glucose rises and we have a slight drop in body temperature.

·         Nutrition – Post-lunch dip occurs whether we eat or not. However, a heavy meal can increase the symptoms, especially if it is rich in carbohydrates.

A total of 20 consumer packaged goods stood out above the rest in this year’s SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards.

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