INSIDER is the leading information source for marketers, manufacturers and formulators of dietary supplements, healthy foods and cosmeceuticals. Since 1997, INSIDER has been serving the needs of the global nutrition industry. INSIDER boasts the largest magazine and web audience in the industry delivering news, analysis and features to executives involved in the expanding market of global nutrition.


Sandy Almendarez, Editor in Chief                                    Danica Cullins, Vice President, Sales

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@SandyAlmendarez                                                                          @DanicaCullins

Rachel Adams, Managing Editor                                        Ioana Neacsu, Senior Account Director

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[email protected]                                                            [email protected]

@r_adams03                                                                                     @IoanaNeacsu1                               

Judie Bizzozero, Editor, Food Insider Journal             Anthony Arteca, Account Manager

(480) 281-6019                                                                                   (480) 675-8172

[email protected]                                                         [email protected]

@judiebizz                                                                                         @AArteca

Steve Myers, Managing Editor                                            Todd Berger, Account Manager

(480) 281-6725                                                                                   (480) 281-6771

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@stevomyers                                                                                     @ToddBerger1                                                 

Josh Long, Legal and Regulatory Editor                          Todd Willis, Account Manager

(480) 281-6047                                                                                   (480) 675-8171

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@JoshLong1                                                                                         @ToddWillis1

Ginger Schlueter, Assistant Editor                                     Laurel Rivers, Account Manager

(480) 281-6086                                                                                  (480) 281-6015

[email protected]                                                       [email protected]


Karen Butler, Content Marketing Manager                    Jiani Lai, Business Development Specialist, Asia

(480) 281-6093                                                                                  (480) 281-6798

[email protected]                                                              [email protected] 


Heather Granato, Vice President, Content                      Jon Benninger, Vice President, Health & Nutrition

(480) 281-6005                                                                                  (480) 675-6057

[email protected]                                                       [email protected]

@HeatherGranato                                                                              @JonBenninger

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