• Ingredients for Improved Weight Management Cover Posted March 1, 2012 in Report The problem with overweight and obesity is no secret. Diet and weight management/loss products have long been popular with consumers, and manufacturers are untiring in their efforts to stay in front of the market with innovative, cutting-edge products based on the latest research. Such ingredients ...More MORE INFO
  • Market Trends in Weight Management Cover Posted March 1, 2012 in Report Obesity and overweight issues are no longer just an American problem, as Western cultures have exported bad diet choices and sedentary lifestyles to traditionally healthier countries. However, this also opens global market opportunities for weight management products in different formats. ...More MORE INFO
  • Clinical Research Investment Cover Posted February 27, 2012 in Report With regulatory agencies, consumer watchdog groups and an increasingly competitive industry landscape raising the bar, companies must take a proactive approach to developing the clinical research that substantiates the safety and efficacy of their ingredients and finished products if they wish to ...More MORE INFO
  • Product Liability Insurance: Protecting Your Assets Cover Posted December 21, 2011 in Report Product liability insurance is designed to cover a company from potential losses associated with allegations of harm from the use of the company's products; however, the dietary supplement industry has other specific issues to address. Companies must also review various levels of coverage, as well ...More MORE INFO
  • NDI Draft Guidance: Perceptions, Needs & Strategy Cover Posted November 14, 2011 in Report On July 5, 2011, FDA published its much-anticipated “Draft Guidance for Industry: New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notifications and Related Issues,” which immediately raised concerns within the dietary supplement industry related to issues such as dietary supplement notification, synthetic ...More MORE INFO
  • Sustainable Harvesting Ensures Botanical Quality and Supply Posted July 19, 2011 in Report Sustainable harvesting of wild crafted botanical materials benefits consumers’ health and well-being, supports business markets, maintains raw botanical resources and protects the environment. There are several key areas of sustainable harvesting, including agricultural practices, collection ...More MORE INFO
  • Botanical Ingredient Identification: A Primer on Requirements and Methods NPI Botanical Quality Testing Posted July 19, 2011 in Report Botanical ingredients pose a particular challenge to dietary supplement suppliers and manufacturers with a responsibility to identify ingredients. Review the general requirements for identity testing as applied to botanical ingredients, learn what constitutes a scientifically valid method, and ...More MORE INFO
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