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Health Canada OK’s NKO Health Claims
September 29, 2010 - News

LAVAL, Quebec—Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. announced the Canadian Minister of Health approved several therapeutic and risk reduction claims for NKO®, the company’s krill oil ingredient. According to the company, Health Canada spent two years reviewing substantial preclinical and clinical evidence relating to the safety and efficacy of NKO in relation to certain chronic diseases.

The following health claims were approved exclusively for NKO:

1. Cardiovascular health:

  • Helps to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol (in conjunction with conventional statin therapy): 2 softgels (1 g) per day.
  • Helps to increase the levels of HDL cholesterol (in conjunction with conventional statin therapy): 2 softgels (1 g) per day.
  • Helps to reduce the levels of triglycerides (in conjunction with conventional statin therapy): 4 softgels (2 g) per day.

2. Inflammation:

  • Helps to reduce C-reactive protein levels, a clinical marker of inflammation: 1 softgel (0.5 g) per day.
  • Helps to reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis: 1 softgel (0.5 g) per day.

3. Women’s Health:

  • Helps to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS): 4 softgels (2 g) per day.
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea: 4 softgels (2 g) per day.

André Godin, CFO, Neptune Technologies, commented: “Health claims are becoming among the most important drivers influencing the purchasing of omega-3 supplements worldwide. With this outstanding achievement, Neptune reinforces its leader position as a golden standard in the krill oil market."

In 2009, Health Canada approved certain health claims for omega-3s, although the new NKO claims are even stronger, according to Wael Massrieh, Ph.D., director of R&D for Neptune Technologies. He noted the strongest claim related to the ability of omega-3 products to reduce serum triglycerides at levels of 3 g to 10 g of fish oil per day, compared to the similar claim for NKO at only 2 g/d.

“The NKO approved claims are competitive when compared to the already approved claims for fish oils since not only have they been accepted at significantly much lower doses, but they also offer more specific health benefits in cardiovascular, joint and women health" Godin added. “This strategic milestone is expected to have a positive effect on sales because it fulfills new consumer requirements."


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