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Lutemax 2020 Demonstrates Improved Disability Glare Performance and Photo Stress Recovery

OmniActive’s Lutemax 2020 showed increases in macular pigment density (MPOD)—the thickness of the macular pigment which is made up of lutein (L) and zeaxanthin isomers (Zi) which lead to significant improvements in photostress recovery and disability glare in a recent study conducted at the University of Georgia entitled LAMA II—an acronym for Lutein, Vision and Mental Acuity II.

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Research Suggests Purslane Extract Mimics Insulin

A new study has confirmed the anti-diabetic properties of the purslane herb extract Portulaca oleracea L. The study examined the mode of action of selected substances with potential to mimic insulin activity.

News / December 8, 2016

Research Suggests Purslane Extract Mimics Insulin

A new study supported the anti-diabetic properties of the purslane herb extract Portulaca oleracea L. The study examined the mode of action of selected substances with potential to mimic insulin activity.

News / December 7, 2016

Tetra Pak Gets Closer to Fully Renewable Packaging Goal with New Aseptic Carton

Tetra Pak announced the launch of a new version of Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Edge with Bio-based LightCap™ 30. This is the first aseptic carton package in the world to receive the highest class of Vinçotte certification for its use of renewable materials. The new package is manufactured using a bio-based plastic film and cap, made from polymers derived from sugar cane. Combined with the paperboard, this lifts the share of materials from renewable sources in the package to above 80%, the threshold for four-star certification from Vinçotte.

News / December 6, 2016

KIND Foundation Awards $1.1M to KIND People Winners

Today, The KIND Foundation – a 501c3 started by KIND Healthy Snacks – announces the winners of its philanthropic program, KIND People, and launches  a storytelling series that aims to reveal the transformative power of kindness. Through the program, the Foundation is awarding $1.1MM to seven people who are championing inclusivity and serving as beacons of empathy in communities nationwide.    

News / December 6, 2016

Driving Sustainability in the Vanilla Supply Chain

The Sustainable Vanilla Initiative (SVI) aims to improve vanilla bean farmers’ livelihoods and assure the long-term stable supply of high quality natural vanilla. This voluntary food, flavors and fragrances industries program liaises with vanilla exporters, producers, sector organizations and public authorities worldwide to progress issues of governance, traceability, labor rights and technical assistance to grower groups.

News / December 6, 2016

Corbion to Sell, Market BASF’s Food Emulsifiers

Corbion will assume sales and marketing for BASF's Spongolit® aerating emulsifiers and Lamequick® whipping agents in North America, effective immediately. Consumers demand healthier indulgence baked goods push formulators to seek innovative solutions to achieve the perfect combination of taste, structure, texture, volume and shelf life. This partnership will help Corbion meet their customers sweet goods needs.

News / December 2, 2016

Symrise Launches Vanilla Website

Symrise announces the launch of a new company website, The site describes Symrise’s vanilla expertise and capabilities, which date back to when Symrise was the first company to synthesize vanillin more than 140 years ago.

News / December 2, 2016

Huber Announces North America Price Increase for Precipitated Alumina Trihydrate, Magnesium Hydroxide Grades

Huber Engineered Materials, a division of J.M. Huber Corporation, announces a price increase in North America for its precipitated alumina trihydrate and magnesium hydroxide products, effective January 2, 2017, or as current contracts allow. Prices will increase depending on product grade and packaging. This increase includes all Hydral®, Hymod® and SpaceRite® grades of precipitated alumina trihydrate and Vertex® and Zerogen® grades of magnesium hydroxide.

News / December 1, 2016

Pilgrim’s Pride Acquires GNP for $350 Million

Pilgrim's Pride Corp. will acquire GNP Co., a provider of premium branded chicken products in the Upper Midwest, for $350 million in cash. The addition of the GNP’s portfolio of Just BARE® Certified Organic and Natural/American Humane Certified™/No-Antibiotics-Ever (NAE) product lines to Pilgrim's existing NAE and organic production capabilities, further positions Pilgrim’s as a leading provider of high-quality products in the fastest-growing chicken segments.

News / December 1, 2016

CRN’s Steve Mister Appointed to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Association Committee of 100

Steve Mister, president and CEO, CRN has been named to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Association Committee of 100 (C100). For more than 50 years, leading association executives have gathered under the banner of the U.S. Chamber’s C100 to network, build partnerships, discuss current issues, and represent the association community before the U.S. Chamber’s Board of Directors.

News / December 1, 2016

McCormick Acquires Italian Flavor Company for $127 Million

McCormick & Company Inc., has agreed to acquire Enrico Giotti SpA (Giotti), an Italian manufacturer of natural flavors, aromatic herbal extracts and concentrated juices, for US$127 million in cash. The acquisition, expected to close this month, expands the breadth of value-added products for McCormick’s industrial segment including additional expertise in flavoring health and nutrition products. Giotti is known for its innovative beverage, sweet, savory and dairy flavor applications.

News / December 1, 2016

Cargill Invests $50M to Expand Poultry Processing Operations in Thailand

Cargill is investing $50 million to expand its poultry processing operations at its facility located in the Nakhon Ratchasima province in Thailand. The expansion is due to an increase in customer demand and strong customer confidence in the high quality and safety standards of the chicken products produced by Cargill in Thailand. A new building annexed to the current facility began construction on Oct. 21, 2016, and is expected to start operating in the first quarter of 2018.

News / December 1, 2016

Ingredion Signs Deal to Distribute SweeGen’s Stevia Sweeteners

Ingredion Inc., has entered into an agreement with SweeGen Inc., to be the exclusive global distributor of the SweeGen’s novel, nature-based stevia sweeteners in all markets except China where it will be a non-exclusive distributor in China. Ingredion will distribute the sweeteners initially in the United States beginning in February 2017 and subsequently in other countries as additional regulatory approvals are granted.

News / November 30, 2016

New Research Reveals Specific Milk Protein May Boost Body's Defenses Against Degenerative Diseases

According to a new investigation published in Nutrition Journal, cow's milk containing only A2 protein has been shown to increase an essential antioxidant that may help strengthen the body's disease-fighting power. In the first human clinical trial of its kind, scientists found that milk naturally containing only the A2 type of beta-casein protein - rather than both the A1 and A2 found in most ordinary milk - doubled the concentration of glutathione (GSH) in healthy adults.

News / November 29, 2016

New venture selects Cargill's Tennessee site to produce Calysta FeedKind Protein

Cargill Inc. and Calysta Inc., along with several third-party institutions, plan to invest in the creation of a world large gas fermentation facility in Memphis, Tennessee to produce Calysta's FeedKind® protein, a family of sustainable, traceable nutritional ingredients for fish, livestock and pets.

News / November 22, 2016

Ganeden Experts Take Unique Approach to Bust Common Probiotic Myths

While probiotics continue as a top trend, misconceptions and confusion around the category and the benefits of these beneficial bugs linger. With new information being released daily on the topic, it’s difficult to sort out the facts from the hyperbole. That’s why experts from the probiotic ingredient supplier, Ganeden, decided to provide education and awareness on the topic through a unique approach—a myth buster series called “Probiotics: Beyond the Hype”.

News / November 22, 2016

BCM-95® Targets Anxiety and Depression

A new clinical study confirms positive effects of BCM-95®, a high-potency turmeric extract in treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and anxiety.

News / November 21, 2016

Certified Nutraceuticals Sues Rival for False Advertising and Unfair Competition

Natural health and beauty supplement maker Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. is suing a rival Atlanta-based company, complaining of false advertising and false claims to a patented process it does not own. The lawsuit involves the patent on a unique method to extract a specific form of collagen from the flexible cartilage found in chicken sternums, which is used in products that ease joint pain and restore mobility.