Ensuring Ingredient Identity: Focus on Testing Methods

Ensuring Ingredient Identity: Focus on Testing Methods

Confronting Economically Motivated Adulteration with 'Economically Motivated Integrity'
Understanding the background of economically motivated adulteration, and how the industry can move toward a stronger supply chain and a coordinated industry approach toward testing for adulterants.
by Greg Cumberford

Adulteration of Dietary Ingredients
How implementation of new FTIR testing methods can help manufacturers carefully screen for adulteration of dietary ingredients when testing incoming materials.
by Michael Lelah, Ph.D., and Katrina Emmel, Ph.D.

Behind the Scenes: Putting ID Testing into Practice
A case study on how ingredient identification testing is conducted at a dietary supplement manufacturer, examining challenges that come up in the process and how to overcome them.
by David Barnes, Ph.D., M.B.A.