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INSIDER is the #1 print, online and e-mail resource for marketers, manufacturers and formulators of dietary supplements, healthy foods and cosmeceuticals. Official media for SupplySide, INSIDER provides the information executives in the global nutrition industry want. Download our Media Kit.

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Rachel Adams
Managing Editor
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Sandy Almendarez
Editor in Chief
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Anthony Arteca
Senior Account Executive
(480) 675-8172
Jon Benninger
Vice President, Health & Nutrition
(480) 675-6057
Todd Berger
Event Sales Manager
(480) 281-6771
Katie Egley
Marketing Manager
(480) 281-6719
Danica Cullins
Vice President, Sales, Health & Nutrition
(480) 281-6713
Heather Granato
Vice President, Content, Health & Nutrition
(480) 281-6005
Jiani Lai
Business Development Specialist-Asia
(480) 281-6798
Josh Long
Legal and Regulatory Editor
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Steve Myers
Senior Editor
(480) 281-6725
Ioana Neacsu
Senior Account Executive
(480) 281-6739
Karen Salas
Senior Account Executive
(480) 281-6015
Todd Willis
Senior Event Sales Manager
(480) 675-8171
Rebecca Pray
Copyright Agent
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